JC Balls & Sons  recognise that, with landfill at a premium and access to primary aggregates  reducing, the demand for recycled aggregates is continually increasing. At our Cotes Park Recycling facility we use screens, crushers and a state of the art soils washing plant to transform hardcore and soils into quality, certified secondary aggregates.  These materials are produced in accordance with the WRAP protocol and are routinely sampled and tested for compliance with the relevant British Standard.

Mixed soils and hardcore are accepted from trade and private customers and can be brought to site in any size of vehicle. Additionally we can also supply prices for the collection and disposal of materials.

We accept the following materials for recycling

Mixed soils/hardcore



Brick and block


Rock, Stone, Hardcore, Ballast

Paving slabs and blocks

Road planings

These materials are processed to make a range of usable materials that can be collected from site or delivered by us.

 Type 1 subbase

 6F2 Capping Material

0/4mm Sand

4/10mm Aggregate

10/20mm Aggregate

20/50mm Aggregate

Class 2 Fill materials

Puddle Clay

Screened soils